Sheridan County Fair and Rodeo
July 17-26, 2020

Rushville Fun Days - 2020
Sept 5,6, & 7, 2020

Tiensvold Farms
3050 - 650th Road
Rushville NE 69360
Phone: (308) 327-3135
Email us: mtiensvold@bbcwb.net
Website URL: eatorganicbuffalo.com/
We think you'll like what you eat!
Tiensvold Farms is located on the western edge of the Nebraska sandhills and in the southern shadows of the Black Hills of South Dakota. Owned and operated by Mark and Ila Tiensvold, it has been certified organic since 1992.
If you are interested in a healthier red meat or just a change of pace, we have buffalo meat available for shipment right to your door.
Tiensvold Farms also has all your needs for sprouting, from seed to home sprouters. We have good quality seed with high germination rates.

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